Our Books

Centre of Italian Studies is also a publishing house, that have been providing some of the most famous Italian language courses in Australia and all around the world.

Recognized as experts in the field of language teaching, CIS has developed a number of successful courses.
“Avanti” and “Sempre Avanti”, for example, are widely used within Australia and throughout the world.

The “Ci Siamo” course, co-written by the director of CIS, Elio Guarnuccio, forms the basis of our beginners program.

Centre of Italian Studies offers the possibility to its students to borrow original Italian books from its library. Borrow them for two weeks and immerse yourself in the Italian culture.

The books for Levels 1 to 4 are Ci Siamo Textbook and Ci Siamo Workbook ($99).

The books for Levels 5 to 7 are Progetto Italiano Nuovo 1 textbook and work book ($ 131)

The books for Levels 7 to 7/8  are Progetto Italiano Nuovo 2 textbook and work book ($ 131)