Face to face Italian classes

CIS is very excited to launch its new face to face courses in Carlton, Melbourne.

Starting from April 19th, CIS will offer 4 special courses every Monday and Friday morning.

Beginner 1 - Special
8-week course, 2 hours every week

It is the perfect course for absolute beginners or students who need to study and reinforce the language starting from scratch.
$399 (16-hour course + Tutto Bene 1 book + exclusive materials prepared by CIS teachers)
Availability: Monday at 9:30 am, Friday 11:40 am

Intermediate - Special
8-week course, 2 hours every week

This is the perfect course for intermediate students (B1) who wants to study Italian reading a book, practising conversation and consolidating grammar. A book to read full of activities will be given at the beginning of the course.
$399 (16-hour course + 100-page book + exclusive materials prepared by CIS teachers)
Availability: Monday at 11:40 am, Friday 09:30 am


Are you a beginner?

Our teachers have written a brand new course for Italian beginners: Tutto bene!

Tutto bene! by Lingopont is not just a new course but a whole new way to learn – fun, addictive and highly entertaining.

Tutto bene! Books

Levels 1 to 3 use the Tutto bene! books. Study with groundbreaking integrated textbooks, sitcom series and app.

Tutto bene! Sitcom

Watch the Tutto bene! series on the Lingopont channel.

Tutto bene! App

Watch the sitcom, practice speaking and listening – test yourself.

It’s like having an Italian friend.

Improve your Italian

Discover Italy through its culture, history and beauty as you consolidate your Italian and learn more complex grammar.

Soak up the Italian atmosphere through news reports, contemporary literature and tv-series.
Meet online with leading Italian writers, film directors, actors and journalists.
Focus in fluency and the finer points of the Italian language.
Improve your grammar through conversation as you debate the big issues of the day.