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Isola d’Elba

The ideal location for those who love to swim and sunbathe

The City

Located off the coast of Tuscany, only two hours away from Florence, Elba is Italy’s third largest island after Sicily and Sardinia. Its 224 square km offer an astonishing variety of landscapes: rolling hills covered by a green carpet of vegetation the whole year round, climbing gently to Monte Capanne.

The island’s 150 km of sea shore, with its sandy bays, delightful coves and crystal clear waters teeming with sea life, are the ideal location for those who love to swim and sunbathe. Elba also has a rich and varied history that goes back to the Stone Age. Napoleon lived in exile here in 1814-15. Reminders of its rich past are scattered here and there on the island and also in Elba’s interesting museums.


The School

The school is located at Marciana Marina, on the north-west coast, a few minutes from the bay of Procchio. The school is based at Hotel Tamerici, a 4-star superior hotel with a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere. It is open from May to October with group or individual courses, and offers a rich social program including sport and leisure activities.


Key Features

  • Small Classes of no more than 12 students
  • Classes are conducted by the same teachers of Florence
  • Classes are usually held outdoors, in secluded and shady spots

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