Centre of Italian Studies: Study Holiday


Experience Italian life in a friendly small-town atmosphere

The City

Urbania is a lively medieval town in central Italy where you can experience Italian life in a friendly small-town atmosphere. Although it’s in a scenic position in the hills, the town itself is flat, making it pleasant for walking. Urbania has good restaurants, bars, and cafes, making it a good base for exploring the region. During the early middle ages, prior to being taken over by the Duke of Urbino, the town was called Casteldurante. Urbania’s Ducal Palace was the vacation home of the Duke of Urbino, who brought culture and art to Urbania. Urbania has long been one of Italy’s most important centres for ceramics.


The School

Scuola Italia is only a few minutes walk from the centre of the town. The school is in a new complex that has a café, and a collection of little shops. The school has air conditioned rooms which are very comfortable for studying the Italian language. Scuola Italia can help you hire a bicycle to discover the nearby villages, or if you wish to adventure further they can organise a hire car for you.

Small classes enable us to make use of modern communicative methods of language teaching. However we still include older proven language teaching methods where appropriate.
Our aim is to get you speaking Italian irrespective of your current level. To help you to achieve this, our classes include a broad range of activities including; grammar, conversation, analysis and discussion of literary texts and newspaper articles, listening comprehension, group work, lexical and phonetic development, and viewing of Italian films.


Key Features

  • The school offer a specific program for opera singers
  • Small Classes of no more than 12 students
  • Friendly atmosphere with activities organised after class

Interested in studying in Urbania?

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