Centre of Italian Studies | Spring Intensive 2021 - Centre of Italian Studies

Join a Spring Intensive course in 2021

This is our fast-track offering and it’s perfect if you need to reinforce and consolidate your knowledge of the Italian language, or if you are a beginner and would like to cover this level in only one week.


When? From 27th Sep to 1st Oct.

What will I learn in the week of intensive courses?


You will learn how to introduce yourself and others, talk about where you are from, describe yourself and others, order food and drinks in a café, book a hotel room and talk about leisure activities. The main grammar topics covered are gender and number of nouns, articles and adjectives, irregular verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have), regular -are verbs, idiomatic expressions with verb avere (to have).

POST BEGINNER: Le vacanze (Holidays)

Grammar: revision of definite and indefinite articles, revision of accordance noun-adjective, revision verbs essere and avere, regular verbs -are, -ere and -ire, possessive adjectives, irregular verbs fare and andare + prepositions, modal verbs (volere, dovere, potere), reflexive verbs.  

Vocabulary&Communication: different types of accommodation, the hotel and its services, activities and places where you are on holiday, means of transport, months, seasons.


Topic: I viaggi e le vacanze (Travels and holidays)

Grammar: reflexive verbs (also with modal verbs), indirect pronouns, superlatives and comparatives, passato prossimo (with reflexive verbs and direct pronouns), the difference between bene/buono/bello, adverbs of frequency.

Vocabulary&Communication: objects you see and use and activities you do when you are on holiday, food and drinks, weather conditions.


Topic: How you spend your lockdown, what you usually do, what you miss and dream. 

Grammar: verb piacere (to like) with pronouns (present and past tense), verbs like piacere, superlative and comparatives, qualcuno/ognuno/nessuno, stare vs essere, the structure stare per and stare+gerund

Vocabulary&Communication: rooms and areas in the house, domestic duties, lockdown
hobbies, food and recipes.


Topic: L’Italia da visitare (Italy to visit)

Grammar: simple future, periodo ipotetico tipo 1, future perfect, conditional (present and past), -mente adverbs.

Vocabulary&Communication: objects you see and use and activities you do when you are on holiday, Italian off the beaten track destinations, festivals and events in Italy.


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