New Locations

Starting from 2020, CIS is running Italian classes in Hobart (TAS), Kew, Kensington and Geelong

Is Carlton too far from you? We also have courses in Kew, Kensington, Geelong, and our first course outside Victoria, in Hobart (Tasmania)


New CIS school in Hobart, Tasmania


New intermediate program at Geelong – The Dome, 51 Little Malop St.


New  intermediate program at Geelong


New beginners program at Kew Neighbourhood House, Kew


New beginners program at Kensington Neighbourhood House, Kensington

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An overview of our beginners method Tutto bene!

In our beginners classes we use our own method Tutto bene!

Tutto bene! is the first language course to offer a fully integrated mobile app that accompanies the course.

Tutto bene! is an entertaining and comprehensive multi-level Italian language course for beginners, uniquely designed for both the classroom and a high degree of independent learning. Based on the communicative approach, the course comprises a combination of components in a range of media. Books, videos and mobile app will be used in our classes to guide you in your learning experience.

The book presents the Tutto bene! course in a format designed primarily for the classroom but accessible to the independent learner and complementary to the app.
Each level of the course comprises a book with ten self-contained yet progressively linked lessons. Each lesson is carefully structured to introduce new language via an episode of the sitcom series followed by graduated conversation practise, ranging from limited to more open-ended dialogues where students apply the language they’ve acquired. Listening and responding activities are integral to each lesson, as are the simple explanations and deductive activities enabling students to understand the grammar. Writing activities are given at the end of every lesson and may be completed in class or later.