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Meet the Italian author, Professor and journalist Giancarlo Visitilli

We are pleased to welcome Giancarlo Visitilli, a brave man who gives voice to the voiceless. His writing is deep, involving and touching, a perfect example of a high-level Italian book.

At the end of Term 4, CIS will have the honour to host Professor Giancarlo Visitilli on Zoom. Giancarlo teaches Italian and History in a Secondary school in Bari - Puglia. He writes for the Italian daily "Repubblica". He has founded the Association "I Bambini di Truffaut" and he is the creator of the film and literature festival "Del Racconto, il Film" which takes place every year in the castles of Puglia.

CIS students from advanced classes will be reading his book E la felicità, Prof? which collects his direct experiences in class as a teacher with students. Giancarlo covers several topics from happiness to diversity, from immigration to the Italian education system. As part of their course, students will greet and meet Giancarlo in a very informal and friendly environment where they had the chance to ask some questions and found out curiosities about him and the book.

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