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CIS Junior Italian Poetry Competition

Benvenuti al nuovo concorso!


Welcome to the CIS Junior Italian Poetry Competition. The competition is held twice a year in June and September, taking place over three weeks. It is open to Year 7 and Year 8 students.
Recitation is a highly valuable experience in language learning and this competition is an excellent way to enrich the study of Italian language and culture.

Students are expected to memorise their chosen poem and no props or actions are to be used. Judges will assess:

  • Knowledge of the poem (including title and author)
  • Pronunciation
  • Intonation
  • Appropriate expression
  • Gesture / eye contact

Judges will visit schools with a minimum of 25 participants. Schools from regional Victoria are required to cover travel expenses.


Competition dates

JUNE 2021
Monday 7th June – Friday 25th June.
(Please note: Monday 14th June is a public holiday).

Monday 30th August – Friday 17th September.


Prizes are awarded for first, second, third and fourth in each section, and Special Mention Certificates are presented to students outstanding in their presentation.
Participation Certificates will be provided to all participating students.


The following scoring system will continue to be used for each poem to differentiate level of difficulty and encourage students to challenge themselves:
3p=3 points (most difficult)
2p=2 points
1p=1 point


The participation fee for each student is $8.00. You can pay via bank transfer by emailing maria@italianstudies.com.au to request an invoice. No money will be handled on the day of the competition.


Click the link below to download an enrolment form.
Once completed, email to maria@italianstudies.com.au.






The Poems

Click to listen to a recitation of the poems

Year 7 non Italian

Year 7 Italian

Year 8 non Italian

Year 8 Italian

*Alcune poesie sono tratte dal sito Filastrocche.it

For more information contact:
Maria Liuzzi-Scalpelli
CIS Italian Poetry Competition Co-ordinator