Our Teachers

Italian teachers at Centre of Italian Studies are amongst the best in Australia: our criteria make sure they are not only educative, but also fun and entertaining.

Manager, Teacher, Children teacher

“My surname is “Lavagna” which means “blackboard”…my destiny was to be a teacher!”
City: Novara
Hobbies: Dancing, going to the gym, recycling, painting and cooking delicious vegetarian dishes.
Italian Singer: Neffa
Italian Series: La mafia uccide solo d’estate

Teacher, Editor

“I’m on a journey to discover what I don’t know yet, following my passions… Always sipping a nice glass of wine.”
City: Roma
Hobbies: Playing backgammon and watching the “Magggica” playing (aka AS Roma)
Italian Band: Latte e i suoi derivati
Italian Movie: Il sorpasso

Teacher, VCE teacher, Administration

“I lived in three different countries and I speak three different languages.”
City: Zagarolo (Roma)
Hobbies: Reading, travelling and trekking
Italian Songwriter: Levante
Italian Movie: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

Teacher, Editor

“My life is defined by my passions: classical music, Jewish and Balcanic cultures”
City: Trieste
Hobbies: Reading a book and going to the cinema
Italian Singer: Vinicio Capossela
Italian Movie: I Soliti Ignoti

Teacher, Administration

“As a child I dreamt of becoming a pirate… If I’ll ever get tired of teaching I might move to the Caribbean!”
City: Genova
Hobbies: Going to the cinema and to the footie, doing yoga and reading classic novels
Italian Band: Modena City Ramblers 
Italian Movie: Il Ciclone


“I always find a reason to travel! With a vagabond spirit and my heart bounded with my roots, I arrived in Australia two years ago and I fight homesickness promoting my language and my culture.”
City: Verona
Hobbies: Strolling the woods and reading (not simultaneously though)
Italian song: La Strada – Modena City Ramblers
Italian series: La Leggenda del Pianista sull’Oceano


“My family and my friends are the most important things in my life, but there should always be a little bit of fun.”
City: Potenza
Hobbies: I like to run, go to the theatre and to the cinema with friends, and to go to holidays with my family.
Italian Authors: Pirandello e Goldoni
Italian Movie: Perfetti Sconosciuti


“I’m deeply in love with colours and smells that remind me of my Sicilian origins. I’m always committed to keep Sicilian culture and traditions alive.”
City: Palermo
Hobbies: To cook traditional Sicilian dishes
Italian Song: Gioia di vivere – I Rio
Italian Movie: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso


“Since as a young child teaching crates was my favourite game, teaching must have always been in my blood”
City: Castelnuovo della Garfagnana (Tuscany)
Hobbies: Painting and exploring new places
Italian Song: Amici Mai – Antonello Venditti
Italian Movie: Ti amo in tutte le lingue del mondo


“I have been travelling for the last ten years. I love meeting new people and getting to know new cultures. Life is a big, long travel”
City: Roma
Hobbies: Reading, learning languages, travelling
Italian Singer: Guccini
Italian Movie: La vita è bella


City: Melbourne
Hobbies: Reading
Italian Song: Nel blu dipinto di blu
Italian Series: L’ispettore Montalbano


“I’m a proud Sardinian, a big Spanish literature lover and I came here in Australia to finally meet the happiest animal ever: the quokkas!”
City: Cagliari
Hobbies: Going to nice rock ‘n roll gigs, cooking Mediterranean recipes and having a good chat about intersectionality with a glass of red wine;
Italian Band: Shandon
Italian Movie: Santa Maradona

Software developer, Teacher

“Mechatronic engineer and musician, I earn my living creating wonderful content for CIS and teaching music to children”
City: Vicenza
Hobbies: Jamming with friends, writing
Italian Song: Mercanti di Liquore – Apecar
Italian Series: Boris

Teacher, Administration

“As Charlie Chaplin I believe that a day without laughter is a day wasted”
City: Siracusa
Hobbies: Travelling, photography
Italian songwriter: Roberto Vecchioni and Franco Battiato
Italian movie: Dopo mezzanotte